Building permits

  • Apply for an all-in-one building permit

    Are you planning to build, rebuild or renovate? Cut down a tree? Display an outdoor advertisement? Place solar panels? Or make changes to a building or a site which will give it a different function? First check whether you need an all-in-one building permit. Or apply right away for an all-in-one building permit.

  • Transferring the all-in-one building permit

    Do you have an all-in-one building permit and would you like to transfer it to someone else? Inform the municipality.

  • Permits for small-scale building works

    Are you planning to build a roof dormer, replace window frames, place solar panels, add a glass conservatory onto your house or carry out other minor renovations? You can get a permit for this.

  • Look at construction drawings

    Would you like to look at construction drawings? You can see all the available paper drawings made before 1 October 2010 at the Inzagebalie Bouwtekeningen (Inspection of Construction Drawings) counter.

  • Procedure after applying for an all-in-one building permit

    Have you applied for all-in-one building permit? The municipality will follow a standard step-by-step procedure. It will then decide whether you will get the permission or not.

  • Request site assessment or land survey guidance

    Do you need a site assessment or land survey data for a building project? Request this from the municipality.

  • Get a discount on building fees

    Are you planning to build or renovate? If you do this sustainably, you could qualify for a discount on the building fees (leges). These fees are the costs that you need to pay for an all-in-one building permit.

  • Building in and with the neighbourhood

    Are you going to build or renovate? Inform your neighbours before and during the building work. A good relationship prevents nuisance, complaints and objections.

Public announcements of permits can be found on the website