Apply for a permit for a small event

Do you want to organise an event which will have a relatively big impact on the public space such as a neighbourhood party, sports competition, parade, remembrance ceremony, pop concert or dance party? Then you need a permit.

Report an event or permit?

When is reporting the event enough? And when do you need a different type of permit?

  • There will be between 250 and 25,000 visitors.
  • The event will be held in a public space (park, square, sports field etc.)
  • The permit holder is responsible for the event transpiring safely.
  • Any costs for the organisation, measures (public order), roadblocks and cleaning of the event area are for the organiser.
  • Serving strong alcoholic drinks is not permitted. If you wish to serve light alcoholic drinks, you need to apply for an exemption. In the application you can specify that you wish to serve alcohol. You will be directed to the additional conditions for serving alcohol.
  • Food and drink must meet the standards of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. See Begin external link: link), end external link..
  • For events held on Sundays before 13.00 hrs. (with sound amplification), you need to apply for an exemption to the Sunday Act. You can specify this in the application for an event permit. See the Zondagswet on Begin external link: link), end external link..

  • details of the event
  • details of the applicant
  • map of the event
    If you submit the report digitally, you will receive a link to a special programme which you can use to draw a map of the event.

Sample map

(PDF, 761.7 KB)
  • standard safety plan. This in any case includes:

    • safety measures: the name of the security company you are hiring, the number of security personnel, where you will deploy them and the contact details of the point of contact for the emergency services
    • the measures you are taking to maintain public order
    • deployment of first aid
    • in the case of structures: specific construction details

Construction details of structures (in Dutch)

(PDF, 17.2 KB)

You can apply for the permit online:

The fees (costs) for a small event which will have an impact on the area are € 658.65. These fees are for processing your application. You need to pay these fees even if the permit is not granted.

You must submit the permit application for an event at least 8 weeks before the start of the event.


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