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Everyone must be able to easily use and view the information on This also applies to blind and visually impaired people or people with another type of limitation. An accessibility declaration indicates the extent to which a website fulfils predetermined standards.

Central register

The accessibility declaration for is listed in the ‘central register of accessibility declarations’.

The accessibility declaration for can be found in the ‘central register of accessibility declarations’.

The status of this website is:

B- partly complies

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Accessibility label

Feedback and contact information

Have you experienced problems with accessibility? Or do you have a question or remark about accessibility? Contact the municipality using the Begin external link: contact form(External link), end external link..

What can you expect from the municipality?

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 5 working days.
  • The municipality will informa you about the progress and the outcome.
  • Your request will be processed within 3 weeks.

Enforcement procedure

Are you not satisfied? Or has the municipality not responded on time? Then you can Begin link: make a complaint, end link. , or contact the Begin external link: Ombudsman(External link), end external link. directly.


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