Report a problem

Complaint about public area (street, park or forest)

Do you see a problem in the public space? You can report it to the municipality.


You can use this online form to report all kinds of problems with rubbish. For example:

  • rubbish on the street
  • a full or broken container
  • uncollected rubbish or old paper
  • dog poop on the street or sidewalk
  • improperly disposed of household waste

Public space

You can use this online form to report a problem in the public space, for example when you see:

  • an unsafe situation
  • an illegally parked vehicle
  • weeds or sick trees
  • a problem with sewage
  • graffiti

Other types of problems

How to make a complaint

The complaints forms are currently only in Dutch, but the procedure is straightforward. Provide the location of the problem and a brief description.


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