Announce a demonstration

Would you like to hold a demonstration or protest? You will need to announce this to the mayor. The mayor can then decide which measures the municipality and police need to take to guarantee public safety and ensure that the demonstration takes place without incident.

Announce a demonstration or protest at least 4 x 24 hours in advance. Weekends and public holidays are included in the 4 x 24 hour time period.

Announce your demonstration or protest online.

As the organiser of a demonstration or protest you have to abide by the following rules:

  • You are not permitted to block any roads, intersections or junctions.
  • The spot where you hold the demonstration must be cleaned up before you leave.
  • You must obey any police orders in the interest of public order or safety.
  • You must remain on the sidewalk during the route. The street must remain open to cars and public transportation (unless other agreements have been made).
  • The demonstration may not block the entrances and exits of buildings. Everybody must be able to walk in and out freely.
  • If you are using sound amplification such as microphones, speakers or megaphones, the volume may not be too loud. This applies in particular to busy spots.
  • If you are passing out flyers and people drop the flyers on the ground, you must pick them up yourself.
  • You need to arrange people who are responsible for keeping the order (ordedienst), made up of at least 10% of the number of participants in the demonstration.
  • You are responsible for appointing a contact person for the police department in The Hague.
  • You are not permitted to set fire to objects before, during or after the demonstration.
  • You need to make sure that participants in the demonstration are not carrying or consuming alcohol.
  • Participants in the demonstration may not carry big sticks or similar kinds of objects with them. These sticks may also not be used to hold up a banner.
  • Participants in the demonstration are not permitted to wear face-covering clothing in order to commit criminal offences without being recognised.
  • The demonstration may not discriminate on the basis of religion, life principles, political persuasion, race, gender or other ways or incite violence.
  • The demonstration may not cause any damage to third parties.

  • Stricter rules may be in effect around embassies and international courts. These institutions must always remain undisturbed and accessible. Their ability to function may not come under threat.
The United States Embassy is located in Wassenaar. To hold a demonstration at this location you need to contact the Begin external link: municipality of Wassenaar(External link), end external link..

For more information call 0900 – 88 44 and ask for the RCCB department. Or send an email to Conflict en Crisisbeheersing (RCCB) at The Hague’s police department at: Begin link:, end link. .


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