Report overdue maintenance on rental property

Housing must meet certain requirements in order to be lived in. Is your rental property or a home in your street badly in need of maintenance? And is the owner not making the repairs? Report this to the municipality.

  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • address of the building with overdue maintenance
  • location of the overdue maintenance
  • description of the overdue maintenance, with photos

Fill in the form completely. Make sure you have good visual documentation (photos). This will help the municipality assess the report.

Are you renting a house or a caravan?

Then you also need to include in your report:

  • the written notification you sent to the owner of the property
  • the response of the owner to your notification, if you have received one

Before you submit a report below, first notify the owner, landlord or homeowners association (Vereniging van Eigenaren, VvE) in writing. Has this not solved the problems? Then report the overdue maintenance to the municipality using the green button below.

The owner does not need to pay for all the maintenance work. Read more information on the page Begin external link: Welke kosten zijn voor de huurder en welke voor de verhuurder?(External link), end external link. on

  • The municipality registers all reports. It uses them to see which problems there are in the city and where they occur most often.
  • Municipal officials are unable to check or solve all the reported issues. This is why they mainly take action when there are serious problems and dangerous situations.
  • If the maintenance level does not comply with the requirements of the building code, the municipality can oblige the owner of the building to make the necessary repairs. If the situation is less urgent, the municipality will check the reported issue at a later moment. Or you will get advice on what you can do yourself.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your report. The municipality will assess your report as quickly as possible. It is not always possible to inform you about this.

Read more about how Begin link: The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau, end link. works.



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