Lost and found items

Have you found something? Or are you missing something? Read what you can do.

Apply again

Have you lost a card/pass or permit issued by the municipality. Click on the link below and apply for a new one.

To to www.verlorenofgevonden.nl

Go to the national website www.verlorenofgevonden.nl(External link) . There you can find lost items.


In some cases you can report a missing or lost item to the municipality. Or you can contact the relevant authority.

  • Bicycle missing? Go to the bicycle depot(External link).
  • Have you dropped something down a drain or manhole (for example, keys)? Contact the Department of City Management by sending an email to rioleringenwaterbeheersing@denhaag.nl.
  • Have you dropped something in an underground rubbish container (ORAC)? Contact the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS) on tel. (070) 311 77 99. Choose option 3.
  • Have you lost something on public transport? Contact the transportation company.

You can register a found item yourself. Or ask the municipality to do this for you.

You register the item yourself

Register the item on www.verlorenofgevonden.nl(External link) .

The municipality registers the item

  • Would you rather not keep the item at home? Turn it in at the municipality. You can place it in a dropbox (a container with a slot and lock) at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office. The municipality empties these dropboxes every Monday at a municipal depository.
  • Staff of the depository will register the item on www.verlorenofgevonden.nl(External link).
  • The item will be stored in the depository.


  • Turn in driving licences, passports, identity cards and foreign documents to the municipality at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office.
  • Send cards/passes to the relevant authority. The address is often printed on the back of the card/pass.
  • Immediately contact the police if you find weapons and/or explosives.
  • Have you found an animal? Then you can also report this.


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