Exemption for retractable traffic barriers

Pedestrian zones in The Hague are closed off to cars and trucks by retractable traffic bollards (pollers): barriers which can be automatically raised and lowered. Delivery vehicles may enter these car-free zones at fixed times of the day (delivery hours). Would you like to enter these zones outside of these hours? Apply for an exemption.

The car-free zones are divided into clusters. You can request an exemption to be allowed to drive into a specific cluster outside of the fixed delivery hours. View the Begin link: clusters and delivery hours, end link.  (in Dutch).

There are 2 kinds of exemptions:

  1. permanent exemption: for a period of longer than 3 months
  2. occasional exemption: for a few days to 3 months

Permanent exemption

Residents of a pedestrian area who do not have a private parking space in that area will get a permanent exemption. They can use it to drive into the area between 18.00 and 20.00 hrs. On evenings with late-night shopping (Thursdays) they can drive in between 21.00 and 22.00 hrs.

The following vehicles are eligible for a permanent exemption:

  • emergency service vehicles
  • public transportation
  • residents, businesses or others with a private parking space in a pedestrian area
  • taxis and similar vehicles
  • municipal services which need to do work in or close by pedestrian areas
  • vehicles for transporting money or valuables or jewellers
  • GPs and midwives who have to make home visits in the pedestrian area
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands, for the members of the government, Royal and Diplomatic Protection Service, General Intelligence and Security Service, National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and other investigative and security services, for them to exercise their public duties and authority in the pedestrian area.

Occasional exemption for a maximum of 3 months

An occasional exemption for a maximum of 3 months may be issued for:

  • utility companies
  • construction, installation, repair or trouble-shooting service
  • companies which carry out work for the municipality in the pedestrian area

Occasional exemption for a few days

An occasional exemption for a few days may be issued for:

  • press or media

In addition you can get this exemption for:

  • wedding or funeral processions
  • house removals
  • events

You need the following to apply for the exemption:

  • copy of the number plate of your car or truck
  • date/period you would like to drive into the area
  • reason you would like access to the pedestrian area

Depending on your situation you may also need:

  • for residents and businesses with a private parking space: copy of the purchase deed or rental contract with the most recent proof of payment for the parking space
  • for taxi cab drivers: copy of taxi driving permit

You can use the form below to:

  • apply for a new permanent exemption
  • apply for an occasional exemption
  • renew your exemption card

An exemption for traffic bollards costs € 22.20 per exemption card.

  • Processing a permanent exemption application takes about 8 weeks.
  • Processing the renewal of a permanent exemption takes about 8 weeks. Apply for this at least 8 weeks before your exemption expires.
  • Processing an occasional exemption takes 5 working days. Apply for your exemption at least 6 working days in advance.

Access to clusters with exemption

The clusters all have their own letter: from A up to and including U. Your exemption card states the letter of the cluster for which you have exemption. Place this card behind your windscreen. The access pass works only for driving in and out of that cluster. The entrances and exits to the cluster are listed on the exemption card.

Access for taxis

The following rules apply to taxis and comparable vehicles affiliated with a Toegelaten Taxi Organisatie (TTO):

  • Between 11.30 and 21.00 hrs they have limited access to the designated main routes (Grote Markt – Lutherse Burgwal, Kalvermarkt – Spui, Spui – Hofweg).
  • They have access to the Binnenstad (cluster A to I) pedestrian area between 21.00 and 11.30 hrs.
  • There are 3 taxi stands on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night: Grote Markt, Plein and Spui. These 3 stands are only for drivers affiliated with a Toegelaten Taxi Organisatie (TTO).


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