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Are you organising an event? In many cases you will need a permit. If you want to organise an event which has a minor impact on the public space, such as a neighbourhood party on a square, in a park or on the street, it is enough to report it.

Report an event or permit?

  • The event takes place between 10.00 and 23.00 hrs. on the same day, including the time to set it up and take it down.
  • No more than 250 visitors/participants will attend.
  • The event is held in a public space (park or square, for example) or is publicly accessible in a building.
  • It does not coincide with another event in the immediate area.
  • The event causes no or very little disruption to the use of public roads and it is not necessary to take traffic measures.
  • The road is suitable for holding an event and there are no road works during the event. You will not be using the main routes for emergency services (ambulance, fire brigade, police).
  • A lane of at least 3.5 metres wide will be kept free for emergency service vehicles. No obstacles will be standing on this lane and the event organisers will make sure the lane is kept free.
  • Only small certified objects will be placed (such as a small party tent, bouncy castles, barbecue etc).
  • The event will be reported to the mayor at least 4 weeks before the event.

  • details of the event
  • details of the applicant
  • map of the event

If you submit the report digitally, you will receive a link to a special programme which you can use to draw a map of the event.

You can report the event online.



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