Permit to use the public space

Would you like to place a container, scaffold or other object in the public space? Or would you like to hang up a banner or party lights? Apply for a ‘Use of public space’ permit.

Will you be placing an object in the public space for less than 9 weeks, specifically for building activities? For example, a rubble container (rubbish skip), scaffold or portable toilet? Then you only have to notify the municipality. Go here to Begin link: Notification of use of public space for building activities, end link. .

Whether you get the ‘use of public space’ permit’ depends on:

  • the object’s dimensions; i.e. how much space it will occupy
  • how long it will be standing there
  • why it will be placed
  • possible nuisance to area residents, pedestrians and other traffic
  • provisions in the zoning plan
  • the appearance of the street
  • special circumstances

Apply for a permit at least 3 weeks in advance. You will need to submit a full description in order to apply for the ‘use of public space’ permit. This is a scaled drawing showing the location and measurements of the object and any obstacles (such as streetlights, trees, parking barriers). You can upload the full description in the online application form.

You can also print this form and send it together with the required documents to:

Dienst Stadsbeheer
Handhavingsorganisatie, Afdeling Vergunningen en Handhaving
Postbus 12651
2500 DP Den Haag

The application for the permit to use the public space costs € 86.50. You will need to pay this fee regardless of whether you are granted the permit.

A maximum of 8 weeks. You will receive a letter if it will take longer.


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