Notification of use of public space for building activities

Will you be placing a scaffold, rubble container (rubbish skip), portable toilet, site cabin or other object in the public space for less than 9 weeks, specifically for building activities? Then you need to notify the municipality.

  • Notify the municipality at least 24 hours before the object is placed.
  • The person placing the object is the one who needs to notify the municipality. This can be a company or a private person.
  • The location where the object will be placed must be free from other items and activities. You can check this on the Begin external link: accessibility map(External link), end external link..

For longer than 9 weeks

Are you going to place an object in the public space for longer than 9 weeks? Or are you planning to place an object in the public space which will not be used for building activities? Then you need to apply for a Begin link: Permit to use the public space, end link. .

Are you a company or private person and would you like to notify the municipality? The notification must meet the following conditions:

  • The object that you would like to place is not a (construction) vehicle such as a crane or hydraulic lift platform. To place such an object you much apply for a .
  • The object may only be placed during a period in which the relevant location is free from other objects and activities.
  • The object may not be placed longer than needed to carry out the building activities. There is 9-week maximum.
  • The item does not cause any disturbance or danger:

    • there remains a free passage of 1.5 metres on the sidewalk
    • it is not standing in the way of fire hydrants and other street furniture
    • it is not standing on special parking spots for disabled people, taxis and loading and unloading bays
    • it is not blocking other parts of the road or access to buildings
    • it does not cause damage to the road or greenery.

Are you in doubt about whether you meet the conditions? Contact the road authority for the city district.

Email addresses of city district road authorities

Use the programme ‘LTC Meldingen & Vergunningen’ to notify the municipality. You will need login details to use this programme. To get the login details you will first need to register online. Anticipate that it can take several working days before you get an account.

Notify the municipality at least 24 hours before the item is placed.

Notifying the municipality is free of charge.


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