Apply for a permit for a big event

If you want to organise an event which will have a major impact on the public space, such as a festival, then you need a permit for a big event.

The rules are as follows:

If you are organising a market or street fair with the intention of selling goods or merchandise, you need to apply for a Begin link: private market permit, end link. .

  • There will be 25,000 or more visitors on 1 day.

  • Safety is top priority.

  • In the year preceding the event, you need to submit a request to the municipality to publish your event on the ‘list of big events’. This should be done before 1 September. If your event is included the list, it does not mean that you will automatically receive a permit.
  • Getting the permit depends on a positive assessment of the measures you will take to ensure the event takes place safely. You must be able to guarantee a proper flow of traffic.

  • For events held on Sundays before 13.00 hrs., you need to apply for an exemption to the Sunday Act. You can indicate this in the application for an event permit. For more information, please see the Zondagswet on Begin external link: link), end external link..
  • It is not permitted to serve strong alcoholic drinks. For lower alcohol beverages you must apply for a Begin link: temporary permit to serve alcohol, end link. . You can specify the drinks that you intend to serve in the application. You will automatically be informed of any additional conditions to serving alcoholic drinks.
  • A big event must be announced to the mayor at least 22 weeks prior to the event.
  • Does the event require that parking places be made available or kept free? See which signs are needed for this.

Signs for parking at events

(PDF, 44.8 KB)

  • details of the event

  • details of the applicant

  • map of the event site
    If you make the report online, you will receive a link to a special programme. Use it to draw a map of the event.

  • safety plan, see the Safety plan guidelines below
  • letter to residents
  • programme
  • in the case of building structures: specific construction details, see below.

Example of event site map

(PDF, 759.3 KB)

Guidelines for safety plan

(PDF, 196.1 KB)

Supplementary information for building structures

(PDF, 24.4 KB)

You can apply for the permit online:

€ 1,033

Exemption for retractable traffic barriers

Are you holding your event in an area with retractable bollards? Apply for an Begin link: exemption for retractable traffic barriers, end link. on time.

Balloons, fireworks and helicopters

Read what the rules are for balloons, fireworks and helicopter landings during an event.

It is not permitted to release balloons in The Hague (see artikel 4:10 APV, Verbod op het oplaten van ballonnen). This includes during events.

If you do release balloons, you could get a fine of € 95.
You are allowed to use balloons as decoration for parties.

For a balloon flight or helicopter landing you must submit an application to DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond for a TUG (Tijdelijk Uitzonderlijk Gebruik) exemption.
Include the following information for a hot air balloon flight:

  • the name of the person who is responsible for take off and landing.
  • the registration number of the balloon
  • the name of the company

There are extra rules for balloons with a larger diameter than 2 metres and/or a larger volume than 4 cubic metres.

Contact: Begin external link: DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond(External link), end external link.

To light fireworks contact the province of South Holland. Depending on the type and quantity of the fireworks:

  • you report the ignition method
  • or you ask for permission to ignite the fireworks

Look at the Begin external link: website of the province(External link), end external link..


You can apply for a subsidy for big events. Look for more information at:


Are you being disturbed by an event? Then see Begin link: Report noise nuisance, end link. .

You did not find what you were looking for? Fill in the Begin external link: Event directory(External link), end external link. (in Dutch) and see what you need.

Would you like to organise a big event in The Hague? The municipality’s Begin link: Central Events Bureau, end link. (in Dutch) can help you with all of your practical matters.


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