Apply for a permit to temporarily let a privately owned home

Have you bought a new home and are you unable to sell your old home? Then you can temporarily let your house under certain conditions. You need permission from the municipality to do so. If you receive permission, you will receive a temporary rental permit.

  • Your application will only be considered if you submit proof of payment and the required documentation.
  • The permit will be extended for a period of 5 years.
  • Before you can let your house, you always need permission from the mortgage lender. The municipality will not check if the mortgage lender has agreed to the temporary rental. This is between you and your mortgage lender.
  • If you temporarily let your privately owned house, you are no longer entitled to the mortgage interest tax relief. For more information about the implications of a temporary rental on your tax situation, check the Begin external link: website of Vereniging Eigen Huis(External link), end external link. (the association of homeowners).

The municipality will check your application against the terms listed in the Leegstandwet (Dutch Vacancy Law):

  • You have bought another residence and the privately owned residence for which you are applying for the permit is empty. You then have double mortgage payments.
  • The new property falls under one of the following legal categories of privately owned residences:

    • is a newly built property which has never been lived in, or
    • is permanently occupied or largely occupied by the owner in the 12 months before the residence became vacant, or
    • has been ready for occupancy for a maximum of 1 year. From that time on the owner has permanently or largely occupied the residence up to the point that it became vacant, or
    • was not let as a residence for more than 3 years largely or in its entirety during a period of 10 years before the application is submitted
  • The owner is unable to sell or let the property in another way and cannot live there himself.
  • Owners may not temporarily let more than 2 privately owned residences which are for sale.
  • Owners of residences may apply for a temporary rental permit more than 1 time on the condition that there is at least 5 years between both applications in which no temporary rental permit was granted.

  • Enclose proof that your house is for sale: a selling mandate for an estate agent, an advertisement or an appraisal report.
  • Pay the fees (check these under Fees) and add a proof of payment (a copy of a bank statement for example).
  • Are you the owner of the property but is somebody else applying for the permit on your behalf? Then you need to provide written authorisation.


Log in using DigiD, fill in the Temporary rental permit application form, add the documents and choose to pay with iDEAL. Please note: you can only do this if you are registered at an address in The Hague.

In writing

Complete the Temporary rental permit application form, print it out and sign it. Send it together with the documents to:

Burgemeester en wethouders van Den Haag
t.a.v. DSO afdeling Wonen
Postbus 12655
2500 DP Den Haag

€ 191.35

You can transfer the administrative fees to the Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling: bank account number NL17 BNGH 0285109626, ten name van Gemeente Den Haag, Financiële administratie with the reference ‘FA417 / TV’ plus your address.

You will receive notification from the municipality on your temporary permit rental application within 4 weeks.

You can call tel. (070) 353 40 37 for any questions from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 10.00 hrs.

The rent protection provisions in the Civil Code do not apply to temporary rentals. However, your rental agreement is subject to certain conditions on the grounds of Article 16 in the Dutch Vacancy Law.


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