Shooting a film in The Hague

Would you like to shoot scenes for a film, music video or television series? If so, The Hague offers many options. Contact the Film Office for advice or apply for a permit right away.

The Hague aims to facilitate professional film shoots and provide you with support wherever possible. The municipality has a policy of supporting film producers and directors who are planning to film in The Hague. Film Office The Hague is your intermediary between producers and the city of The Hague.

Film Office The Hague

Do you need help with practical issues? Such as getting certain street furniture removed or getting permission to film in the Binnenhof. Film Office The Hague can help you.

Film locations

Film Office The Hague provides help and advice in finding a suitable film location. Are you looking for a very specific location with a suitable atmosphere for 1 or more scenes? The Hague has many beautiful locations. With its rich history, coastal setting and as the international city of peace and justice, The Hague offers many options.

A different procedure applies to filming in the Binnenhof. The application will first be assessed by the Binnenhofcommissie. If this committee has no objections, the permit procedure can start.

Film Office The Hague

Louise Vliegenthart, film coordinator Telephone: +31 (0)6 – 52 55 14 89 Email: Begin link:, end link. Website: Begin external link: link), end external link.

Permit categories

Film shoots are divided into categories according to the impact they have on the public space.

Categories Description
Category A (small scale shoots) This relates to small scale shoots which have very little impact on public space. You use limited (mobile) equipment and have a small crew and cast. There is virtually no impact on the public space. Application period: 5 working days.
Category B (medium-sized shoots) This relates to shoots in which the public space will be used by a large cast and crew and which require space for professional equipment and materials, such as cameras, lighting and scenery. Application period: 6 weeks.
Category C (extensive shoots) These are all shoots which have a greater scope than categories A and B and/or involve something special such as traffic diversions, stunts, mass extras or special effects. Application period: 8 weeks.


At least 5 days before the first day of shooting, you must inform local residents/businesses of your plans in the form of a letter.

Documents required with application

For the smooth handling of your application, please email the document(s) applicable to your production to Begin link:, end link. :

  • traffic diversion plan
  • safety and security plan
  • copy of the letter to residents
  • situation sketch


Obtaining permission to film involves costs in the form of fees. There are also costs when measures are required. Examples include cordoning off parking spots, exemptions and removing municipal property such as lampposts or parking meters.

Apply for a filming permit

You can apply for a filming permit right away using the form below.

More information

More information about filming in The Hague at Begin external link: link), end external link.


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