Exemption from owner occupancy requirement

In the issuance of new ground lease rights for homes, the conditions may include an owner occupancy or anti-speculation clause. You may apply for an exemption from this requirement.

A requirement of owner occupancy means that you are obliged to live in your new home yourself for a number of years. This condition is designed to deter property speculation with new homes.

In special cases, you can request exemption from this requirement. This may be the case in the following circumstances:

  • Your joint household is ending, for example because you are getting divorced.
  • You find employment more than 50 kilometres or an hour away from your home.
  • You (or a family member) are (is) gravely ill.
  • Bankruptcy or another major drop in income.

You must be able to provide evidence of these circumstances.

No fees

10 working days

Apply online for the exemption from owner occupancy requirement.


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