Permits and exemptions

  • Housing and building products

    A selection from the catalogue of The Hague’s online products and services for residents about housing and building.

  • Permit to use a public road

    Would you like to place a container, scaffold or other object on a public road? Or would you like to hang up a banner or party lights? Apply for a ‘Use of public road’ permit.

  • Exemption for traffic bollards

    Parts of The Hague are closed off to cars and trucks by retractable traffic bollards. Would you like to be allowed in for specific hours? Apply for an exemption.

  • On-street loading bay

    For businesses it is often difficult to load and unload on streets where many people park. You can apply for a loading bay.

  • Converting a house into rental rooms

    Do you want to convert a house into rental rooms? If so, you will need a conversion permit from the municipality.

  • Exemption for environmental zone

    The Hague's downtown area has been designated an environmental zone in order to keep the air clean. An exemption for the environmental zone allows a truck which is ‘too polluting’ to still enter the area.

  • Announce a demonstration

    Would you like to hold a demonstration or protest in The Hague? You will need to announce this in writing to the mayor.