Event permits

  • Apply for a permit for a big event

    If you are planning to organise a big event which will have a major impact on the public space, such as a festival, then you need a permit for a big event.

  • Apply for a permit for a small event

    Are you intending to organise an event that will have a relatively big impact on the public space such as a neighbourhood party, sports competition, parade, remembrance ceremony, pop concert or dance party? Then you need a permit.

  • Report an event

    If you want to organise an event which has a minor impact on the public space, such as a neighbourhood party on a square, in a park or on the street, it is enough to report it.

  • Temporary permit to serve alcohol

    You may not serve alcohol without a permit. You can obtain an exemption to the ban on serving alcohol for special occasions such as an event.

  • Apply for a permit to hold a private market

    Would you like to organise a private market or street festival? These may be held in 1 of the designated locations. You need a permit for this.

  • Apply for a permit to perform as a street artist

    Do you want to perform as a street artist such as a musician, acrobat, artist or portrait artist? You often need a permit.

  • Request crowd control barriers for street parties

    Are you organising a street party in the public space? Then you must ensure the area is closed off using crowd control barriers. You can borrow them free of charge.

  • Exemption for traffic bollards

    Pedestrian zones are closed off by retractable traffic bollards at fixed times. You can apply for an exemption if needed.

  • Leisure and recreation products

    Below you will find a selection from the catalogue of The Hague’s online products and services for sport, culture and arts, parties and events and charitable activities.

  • Announce a demonstration

    Would you like to hold a demonstration or protest in The Hague? You will need to announce this in writing to the mayor.