Permits for small-scale building works

Do you want to build a roof dormer, replace window frames, install solar panels, add a glass conservatory onto your house or carry out other minor renovations? You can get a permit for this.

The municipality can issue a permit for the following small-scale building works:

  • additions and extensions
  • wall removal/building demolition
  • roof dormers and skylights
  • dovecotes
  • a bicycle shed in the front garden
  • changes to window frames and façades
  • advertising (small advertisements do not require a permit)
  • roller shutters and awnings
  • satellite dish
  • combining 2 homes into one
  • flagpole
  • Begin link: solar collectors and solar panels, end link.

For these types of small-scale building works, the municipality can assess your application on a limited number of criteria.

Needed for the application

Apart from the Begin link: application form, end link. , you may also have to submit 1 or more of the following depending on your application:

  • scale drawings (with the exact measurements) of both the current and the new situation
  • scale drawings (with the exact measurements) showing details, floor plans, facades, cross-sections
  • photos, also of the surroundings
  • constructive drawings and calculations
  • calculations showing that the plan complies with the building code
  • soil investigation
All drawings must include the relevant measurements, colours and materials and be drawn to scale.

How long does it take?

As soon as the municipality has received all the required information, it is required to respond within 8 weeks. The municipality has the right to extend this period 1 time by 6 weeks at most. It is possible that your plan also needs an exemption from the Begin link: zoning plan, end link. (in Dutch). Or that the information you provided is not complete. In that case the process could take longer.

Permit-free plans

Do you want to know if you need a permit for your building or renovation plans? Use the permit check in the Omgevingsloket (in Dutch). (Archaeology is not yet part of the permit check in the OLO.)
  • Building work: A permit is not always needed for minor renovations. These renovations are permit-free. For these small renovations you can apply immediately and quickly online for a ‘permit-free building declaration’. Do you want to know if your building plans are permit-free? Go to the website Begin external link: link), end external link. (in Dutch) and create an account. You can use this programme to make the drawings you need for the contractor. Please note: this applies only to the following building activities: dormer, addition, extension, garden fence, skylight and solar panels. A short video explains how this works.

Calculate your building fees

The municipality charges fees for a permit. These fees are called ‘leges’. If you Begin link: need a permit, end link. , you can calculate the fees for your building or renovation plans.

Discount on building fees

Are you planning to build or renovate to make your property more sustainable? Then you could qualify for a Begin link: discount on the building fees, end link. .

Apply for a permit

Apply for your permit in the Begin external link: Omgevingsloket(External link), end external link..


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