Where to park and costs

  • Overview of maps for parking

    Look at the map to see where you can park. You do not have a permit? Look at the map for paid parking. You do have a parking permit? Check the maps with the permit areas.

  • Parking at the beach

    Are you driving to Scheveningen or Kijkduin by car or motorcycle? Prepare your journey in advance. The fastest way to get to the beach is to park at the edge of the city and then continue your journey by tram.

  • Park economically: Park-and-ride (P+R)

    Park your car at a low rate at a P+R facility on the outskirts of the city and travel to the city centre or Scheveningen by public transportation. Or park your car at a P+B facility and continue your journey by bike.

  • Paid parking on the street

    For paid parking in The Hague you can pay at all of the city’s parking meters using your bank card or credit card. There are different rules for motorcycles.

  • Parking in downtown The Hague

    You can easily take public transportation to reach The Hague's city centre. Are you nevertheless planning to drive? Park your car in a parking garage.

  • Trailer, camper, caravan

    You are not permitted to park a trailer, camper, caravan or other long vehicle on the street for longer than 3 days in a row. Your parking permit is not always valid.

  • Parking garages

    The Hague has different parking garages and car parks spread throughout the city.