Apply for disabled resident’s parking permit

With a disabled resident’s parking permit you can park your car in all paid parking spaces in The Hague without having to pay.

  • The number plate of your car.
  • You drive a leased car: a lease contract in your name.
  • You drive a company car: a declaration by your employer.
  • You drive a car with a foreign number plate: a copy of the proof of ownership for your car.

You can apply for the parking permit by post. Use the form below.

Application form for disabled resident’s parking permit

(PDF, 83.7 KB)

Fill in the form and send it to:

Gemeente Den Haag
Aanvraag Gehandicaptenvergunning
Antwoordnummer 1435
2501 VE Den Haag

No postage is needed.

You pay € 16.75 for your application. You also pay the fees for the parking permit each year. The fees are:

Number of cars Annual fee
1st car at 1 address € 93.80
2nd car at 1 address € 327.70
3rd and additional car at 1 address € 655.40

Paying for the parking permit

You will pay for the permit with direct debit. The permit period is from 1 December to 30 November. The permit will automatically be extended each year (after payment is received). Have the fees changed? Then you will pay the new rate as of 1 December.


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