Apply for individual disabled parking space

An individual disabled parking space is a special parking space next to your home or work. It is meant only for your vehicle.

  1. You submit an application by filling in the Begin link: form, end link. and sending it in by post.
  2. You do not yet have a Begin link: European disabled person’s parking card, end link. ? Then you must first apply for this. You will get a medical assessment.
  3. Do you meet the requirements? Then the municipality will construct the disabled parking space for you. The parking space is only for a vehicle with your number plate.

Paying for paid parking

Is your parking space located in an area with paid parking? You might also be able to apply for a Begin link: disabled resident’s parking permit, end link. . You then will not have to pay for parking each time. You can apply for the parking space, the parking card and the permit all at the same time.

  • You have a valid Begin link: European disabled person’s parking card, end link. .
  • You cannot walk more than 50 metres with or without a mobility aid. 
    • Please note: Were you still able to walk more than 50 metres during a previous medical assessment? Then you must get a new medical assessment. You must pay for the costs of the assessment yourself.
  • Do you have your own parking space or are there enough parking spaces next to your home or work? Then you will not be able to get an individual disabled parking space.
  • The municipality will evaluate the availability of parking in your street when it screens your application.

Are you applying for a parking space as a passenger? Then there are extra conditions:

You can apply for the parking permit by post. Use the form below.

Application form for disabled parking facilities

(PDF, 227.1 KB)

Fill in this form and send it to:

Gemeente Den Haag
Handhavingsorganisatie, Gehandicaptenparkeren
Antwoordnummer 1435
2501 VE Den Haag

No postage is needed.

There is no charge for constructing or moving the parking space.

  • A space will be constructed:
    – at the first possible parking space nearest to the front door of the home or work address
    – at more than 5 metres from an intersection
    – not in front of an exit or driveway
  • The municipality will place an Begin external link: E6 traffic sign(External link), end external link. by the parking space according to the traffic regulations.

Would you like to cancel your parking space? Send an email to Begin link:, end link. . State in your email that you want to cancel your space. Do not forget to include your name and address.

You can also send a letter to:

Gemeente Den Haag, afdeling Gehandicaptenparkeren
Postbus 12651
2500 DP Den Haag

Are you going to move and would you also like a parking space at your new address? Send an email to Begin link:, end link. . The municipality will investigate what the possibilities are at your new address.

Do you have a different car temporarily? And does the number plate sign by your parking space not match the other number plate? Request a permission card. The permission card allows you to keep parking in the same parking space. Contact the Begin link: Municipal Parking Division, end link. .

Do you have a different car permanently? You can report this via Begin link: Replace parking sign and markings for reserved parking space, end link. .

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