Replace parking sign and markings for reserved parking space

Do you have a reserved parking space and have the street markings around the parking space faded? Or does the number plate sign by your parking space need to be replaced because you have a different car? Request new street markings or a replacement number plate sign.

The number plate sign states your number plate under the reserved parking space sign.

Replace the number plate sign: permission card

  • Is your number plate changing permanently? Once your application for the new number plate sign is processed, you will automatically receive a permission card with the new number plate. You can use it until the new number plate sign has been placed under the parking sign. Is your number plate changing temporarily? Contact the Begin link: municipality, end link. . You can then get a permission card with the temporary number plate.
  • Have the permission card and the number plate on the number plate sign not (yet) been changed? Then you will not be allowed to park a car with a different number plate in the reserved parking space.
  • If you nevertheless park in the reserved parking space, you could get a fine. Place the permission card so that it can be clearly seen behind the windscreen.

Apply online

Apply online for the street markings or the new number plate sign.

  • Disabled parking space: free.
  • Parking space for doctors and midwives:

    • New markings for reserved parking space: € 200.76
    • Replacement number plate sign: € 267


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