Parking for movers

Do you have a removal company and will you be moving a household in The Hague? Then you do not need to pay for on-street parking for the moving truck during the move.

You will not be able to reserve a parking space before the move.

Only during the move

If the street has paid parking, it needs to be clear to the municipal parking wardens that you are in the process of moving (loading or unloading). You will need to pay for parking during any rest periods and other breaks.

Perhaps you can make use of the visitor’s parking permit for the household you are moving. It is also a good idea to be able to show the assignment order.

Removal lift

No permit is needed for the use of a removal lift. However, you need to inform the city district office, especially if the removal lift will be placed on the pavement and for a longer period of time. In that case notify the road authority in the city district:

Email addresses of road authorities in the city districts

Would you like to place special vehicles on the road, such as a crane? Then you need to apply for a Begin link: rig (hoist) permit, end link. .


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