Conditions for the use of your parking permit

These conditions apply to the use of a parking permit.

  1. Parking in breach of these conditions will be viewed as parking without a permit.
  2. The permit is valid in the designated permit zone with the corresponding code (in accordance with Appendix 1 of the Begin external link: Regeling parkeerregulering en parkeerbelastingen Den Haag 2022(External link), end external link.).
  3. A permit issued on the basis of a number plate is valid only for the vehicle with that number plate. When using a new or replacement vehicle, the permit holder is obliged to inform the municipality about the new number plate.
  4. A permit which is not linked to a number plate is valid from the moment the permit holder has registered the number plate of the parked vehicle and receives a confirmation. This can be done using the app, website or telephone.
  5. Is the number plate registration system experiencing technical difficulties? Or are you unable to use the network? Then you must pay for parking in another way. For example at a parking meter or using a mobile telephone.
  6. The permit holder is responsible for deregistering the parking session.
  7. The permit is non-transferable.
  8. The parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.


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