Wheel clamp

The municipality can place a wheel clamp on a vehicle in a number of situations. This can be a yellow or a red wheel clamp.

Yellow wheel clamp

You can get a yellow wheel clamp on your car if you get a Begin link: parking ticket, end link. .

Removing the yellow wheel clamp

To have the wheel clamp removed, contact the counter of the towing company (Barendregt B.V.) by phoning tel. (010) 506 05 83. You have to pay the charges for the wheel clamp and the parking ticket right away. You can pay with a bank card or in cash at the counter. The wheel clamp will then be removed. If you do not pay for the wheel clamp within 24 hours, your car will be Begin link: towed away, end link. .


Red wheel clamp

You can get a red wheel clamp on your car if the bailiff from the Municipal Tax Department seizes your vehicle. This happens when you are behind in paying your municipal taxes.

Removing the red wheel clamp

The clamp will be removed once all of the back taxes have been paid in full. Are you are unable to pay? Then the municipality will tow the vehicle away and it will be sold. The proceeds from the sale will be deducted from your outstanding debt. Any remaining debt will be collected in another way. For questions about the red wheel clamp, you can contact the Begin link: Municipal Tax Department, end link. .


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