Cancel parking permit

Would you like to cancel your parking permit? You can only do this online or by sending an email or letter.

You can cancel all types of parking permits.

Would you like to cancel your parking permit? You can do this at any time during the year. There is no notice period. The starting and ending date of your permit depends on the neighbourhood for which you have a permit. If you have paid too much, you will get money back.

Cancel online

You can cancel your permit online via MijnDenHaag. You need to log in with your DigiD.


Cancel your permit online

Cancel in writing

You can also cancel your parking permit by sending an email or a letter. Always include the following information in your email or letter:

  • your citizen service number (BSN)
  • your address
  • your number plate and/or permit number(s)
  • the date your permit should stop
  • your bank account number (if you will get money back)

Send your email to

Send your letter to:

Gemeente Den Haag, afdeling Parkeren
Postbus 12651
2500 DP Den Haag

Cancelling your parking permit is free.

Do you have more than 1 parking permit and would you like to cancel your first permit? You are advised to first change the number plate on your first permit. And then to cancel your second (or third) permit. This way you pay the lowest rate.

You get amount you overpaid back

Are you cancelling your permit before the end of the permit period? Then you will get money back. The municipality will calculate the amount as of the day it receives your cancellation. You will get the money back within 8 weeks.

Cancel after a death

Has a permit holder died? The municipality will contact the relatives after the death has been reported. You will then get to choose what you do with the parking permit: stop it or transfer it into the name of another member of the household.

Cancel a disabled parking space or parking card

Do you have your own parking space or a European parking card? Read how to cancel these on the pages:

Do you have questions about your parking permit? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.


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