Parking permit for caregivers

Do you receive informal care and do you live in an area with paid parking? A parking permit for caregivers allows your caregivers to park close to your home without having to pay.

  • You live in a parking permit area in the Municipality of The Hague and you need informal care for medical reasons.
  • You can prove that you are dependent on home care or support. You can do this using the documents listed below.
  • Your caregiver is not registered at your address.
  • Are you going to move? Then you must report your change of address and permit number(s) to the Begin link: municipality, end link. . Are you moving within your old permit area? Then you can use the old permit until the end date on your permit.
  • The parking permit for caregivers has a credit of 400 parking hours per year. You will automatically carry over any unused hours at the end of the permit year to the new permit year. You can carry over a maximum of 50 hours.

  • a copy of your passport, driving licence or identity card
  • one of the following documents:

    • A copy of a valid Wmo decision which states that you are getting informal care.
    • A copy of a Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg (CIZ) statement for long-term care within the framework of the Wlz (Wet langdurige zorg).
    • A copy of a referral by the district nurse for district nursing care within the framework of the Zvw (Zorgverzekeringswet).

Fees for the parking permit for informal caregivers: € 16.75. This is the one-time application fee for the permit.

Every permit year you can carry over a maximum of 50 hours from the previous permit year. This happens automatically. It is possible to purchase extra hours on the parking permit during a permit year. You pay € 50 for 50 hours. More information can be found under Begin link: Purchase extra parking credit, end link. .

The municipality will contact you within 2 weeks after receiving your application form.

Apply for the parking permit for caregivers using the form Parkeervergunning voor mantelzorg:

Parking permit for caregivers

(PDF, 105.7 KB)

Print out the form, complete it, include the required documents and send it by email to the address stated on the form.

You must register and deregister your caregiver’s parking session. Read how to do this under Begin link: Register and deregister visitor parking, end link. .


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