Register and deregister visitor parking

Do you have a parking permit for visitors? And are your visitors parking in your paid parking zone? Then you register and deregister the number plate of your visitors. You can do this using the Parkeren Den Haag app, online or by telephone.

Are you unable to register number plates using the app, online or by telephone? The system could be experiencing technical difficulties. Pay at a parking meter or by mobile telephone. Otherwise you could get a parking fine. More information can be found at Technical malfunction in parking registration system.

Register and deregister visitors using the Parkeren Den Haag app

Register and deregister your visitors using the Parkeren Den Haag parking app. You can register an unlimited number of number plates at the same time. The app works in the same way as registering through the website.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The municipality also made a video about the app. Watch the video (in Dutch) on the municipality's YouTube channel.

Register and deregister visitors on the website

Register and deregister your visitors online using the button below.

Register and deregister your visitors

This is what you need to do:

  1. Enter your registration number (Uw meldnummer) and the accompanying PIN code (Pincode). You received these by post and you can find them in MijnDenHaag. Click on 'Inloggen'. You can now switch the language to English in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Enter the number plate (without hyphens) of your visitor’s car to activate the parking session. You can also store your visitor's name in the system for future use.
  3. Enter the starting date and time for the visit. You can register your visitor's number plate in advance.
  4. You can also now enter the expected ending date and time for the visit.
  5. Click on 'Register'. Would you like to enter another number plate? Start again from Step 2. You can register an unlimited number of number plates on the website. You can register up to 9 number plates by telephone.

      Check pre-programmed times ahead of time

      If you do not enter a starting or ending time, the parking system will automatically select the pre-programmed starting and ending times in the system.

      Let op!

      Always check whether the paid parking period for your visitor's parking spot is the same or different from the pre-programmed times. The pre-programmed starting and ending times for a permit area are not always the correct ones for the spot in which your visitor is parking.

      Does the paid parking period begin or end earlier or later for the parking spot than in the rest of the permit area? Then the parking system will unnecessarily deduct parking hours from your credit. Enter the correct starting and ending times yourself for your visitor's parking session.

      Pre-programmed starting and ending times
      Zone Pre-programmed starting time Pre-programmed ending time
      Archipelbuurt/Zorgvliet (08) 9.00 hrs. midnight
      Centrum (01) 9.00 hrs. Sunday to Thursday: midnight. Friday and Saturday: until 2.00 hrs.
      Centrum zuid (30) 9.00 hrs. midnight
      Transvaal (32) 9.00 hrs. midnight
      Vruchtenbuurt (36) 17.00 hrs. 21.00 hrs.
      Bloemenbuurt (35) 17.00 hrs. 21.00 hrs.
      Leyenburg (19) 13.00 hrs. midnight
      Scheveningen (43) 10.00 hrs. Sunday to Thursday: midnight. Friday and Saturday: until 2.00 hrs.

      Are you unable to find the permit area where your visitor is parking in the list? Then the pre-programmed starting and ending times are valid for the entire permit area. You do not need to pay extra attention to this.

      Parking in shopping streets

      A parking permit (regular parking permit and parking permit for visitors) is not valid in many shopping streets while the shops are open. Permit holders may park there only outside the hours of operation for the shops.

      Parking in streets with a maximum parking duration

      A number of streets have imposed a limit on the amount of time cars are allowed to park there. This limit does not apply to number plates which are registered using the parking permits for visitors or companies.

        Register and deregister visitors by telephone

        Call tel. (070) 890 00 20 to register or deregister your visitors. You will be charged for a local call. You can:

          • Not enter an ending time for your visitors. You need to phone again to deregister your visitors when they drive away.
          • Register your visitors only for 1 day. It is not possible to register them for multiple days.
          • Register a maximum of 9 number plates at the same time.

          Visitors automatically deregistered the following day

          Your visitors will be automatically deregistered for the following day. In areas where paid parking is in effect in the weekend until 2.00 hrs., the parking session will automatically stop at 2.00 hrs.

          Review parking history

          Would you like the overview of all of the past parking sessions? Use the app or go to the online version of the app.


          Do you have questions? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.

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                  Published: 8 September 2016Modified: 4 June 2020