Paying for or changing your parking permit

  • Switch the number plate on your parking permit

    Do you (temporarily) have a new car? And do you have a parking permit for residents? Notify the municipality of the change in number plate free of charge.

  • Purchase extra parking credit

    You get a certain number of parking hours (parking credit) on your parking permit per permit year. Have you used up this credit? Then you can purchase extra hours each year.

  • Cancel parking permit

    Would you like to cancel your parking permit? You can only do this online or by sending an email or letter.

  • Extend parking permit

    A parking permit is valid for 12 months. After payment is received for the new period, the parking permit will be extended automatically.

  • Pay for parking permit

    You can pay for your parking permit with direct debit or by invoice. Would you like to change the way you pay or your bank account number? Read how you can arrange this.

  • Change address of parking permit

    Do you have a parking permit and are you going to move? Then your parking permit needs to be updated.