Parking permits for residents and their visitors

  • Parking permit for residents

    Do you live or will you be moving to an area where paid parking is in effect? A parking permit for residents allows you to park there without having to pay for parking.

  • Register visitors for parking

    Do you have a parking permit for visitors and are your visitors parking in a paid parking zone? You can register and deregister your visitors using the number plate registration system. You can do this online or by using the Cozity app or by telephone.

  • Parking permit for visitors

    A parking permit for visitors allows your visitors to park in a paid parking area without having to pay for parking.

  • Parking credit on the visitor's permit

    The parking permit for visitors entitles you to a certain number of hours of parking per year (parking credit).

  • Long-term parking permit for house guests

    Do you live in an area with paid parking and will you have visitors staying for several days? You can order an extra parking permit for your house guests ('long-term guest parking permit').

  • Occasional parking permit

    Do you need a parking permit for part of the day, week or a month? Then you can order an occasional parking permit. You can use this permit in any paid parking zone in The Hague.

  • Conditions for car sharing

    Do you share a car (deelauto) with somebody and do you live in 2 different parking permit areas? Than you can both apply for a resident's parking permit for each of your parking permit areas.

  • Parking permit for caregivers

    Do you receive informal care and do you live in an area where paid parking is in effect? A parking permit for caregivers allows your caregivers to park close to your home without having to pay on the spot.