Parking app and parking fines

Parking app

  • Parkeren Den Haag parking app

    Do you have a parking permit? Use the Parkeren Den Haag app. You can use this app for your telephone to register and deregister number plates.

  • Pay-by-phone parking

    Paying for parking with your mobile phone has a number of advantages. You no longer have to use the parking meter and predict how long you will need to park.

Parking fines

  • Appeal a parking ticket

    Did you get a parking ticket and do you disagree with it? Then you can make an appeal at the municipality.

  • Parking ticket

    You did not pay for parking or you did not pay enough? Or did you park without a valid permit? Then you will get a parking ticket.

  • Parking fine, wheel clamp or towed car

    Did you not pay (enough) for parking or did you park your car incorrectly? Then you could get a wheel clamp, be towed away or be charged a fine.

  • Parking citation

    If you park you car in a spot where it is not allowed, you could receive a citation. Often your car will also be towed away.

  • Has your car been towed?

    Your car was parked where it was not allowed and was towed away. What now?

  • Wheel clamp

    The municipality can place a wheel clamp on a vehicle in a number of situations.