Statutory repair notice, request information

The municipality can force a property owner to make improvements and repairs on his property within a specified time. This is done through a so-called statutory repair notice or order. Would you like to know if there is a statutory repair notice for a particular property? You can request information about this.

What is it?

The municipality can place a statutory repair notice on the property if the home, temporary shelter, caravan or commercial premises is in poor condition. This means that the property no longer meets the requirements stipulated in the building code, the municipal building regulations or a zoning plan. Examples include requirements for safety, health or environment standards or for the specific use of the premises.

Request information

  • Since 28 December 2020 all current restrictive municipal decisions are listed in the archives of the Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster). You are therefore no longer obliged to contact different official agencies to request these decisions.

  • You can check if there is a statutory repair notice on a property on the website of the Kadaster(External link).
  • Is there a statutory repair notice on a property? You will see a notation of this under the subhead ‘Aantekeningen’. See the example below:
  • Download the decision by clicking on the link after ‘Afkomstig uit stuk’.



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