Report an abandoned vehicle

Is there an abandoned vehicle parked outside your door. Such as a car, caravan, e-moped, bicycle or trailer? Report this to the municipality. A shopping cart left out on the street is also considered an abandoned vehicle.

How does it work?

For a caravan/trailer the following applies:

  • The municipality will regularly check on the caravan/trailer you have reported.
  • If it is in violation of the rules (parked too long), the municipality will affix a sticker on the caravan/trailer.
  • If the owner does not subsequently remove the caravan/trailer, the municipality will remove it.
  • This entire process can take several weeks.
Belangrijke informatie:

Please note: Bicycles which are not visibly broken but have been left standing unused and neglected on the street for longer than 28 days in a row are considered abandoned bikes. The municipality is allowed to clear these bikes away. In the downtown area bicycles may not be left longer than 7 days in a parking spot or bicycle rack.

Needed to make the report

The municipality needs the following information from you in the report:

  • your name, address, email address and telephone number
  • description of the abandoned vehicle
  • the spot where the vehicle is standing

    Make a report

    Use the green button below to report an abandoned vehicle. For the question of whether your report has to do with 1 of the following subjects, first select ‘Nee’ and then ‘Achtergelaten voertuig/fiets'.

    Report an abandoned vehicle

    How long does it take?

    The municipality will take action within 3 working days.

    Broken bicycle or motorbike

    Would you like to report a broken bicycle or motorbike? Go to Report an abandoned bicycle.

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