Report a traffic or transportation issue

  • Report an illegally parked vehicle

    Have you seen a car, van, motorcycle or other vehicle parked where you think it should not be? And is this causing a nuisance or a dangerous situation? Report this to the municipality.

  • Report unsafe traffic situations

    Have you spotted a dangerous intersection or a confusing crossing in The Hague? Report this to the municipality.

  • Report an abandoned vehicle

    Is there an abandoned vehicle parked outside your door, like a car, caravan, scooter, bicycle or trailer? Report this to the municipality.

  • Request a bicycle stand

    A U-shaped bicycle stand (fietsbeugel or 'fietsnietje') is a bicycle rack which you can use to chain up your bike. Residents of an apartment complex without a basement storage unit or garage can ask the municipality for this type of bicycle rack.

  • Report broken street lighting

    The Hague has thousands of lampposts. Have you spotted a problem with a street light? Report it to the municipality.

  • Report a car parked illegally in public charging space

    Is a vehicle parked in a designated electric-car charging space and it is not being charged? You can report this to the municipality.

  • Request charging point for electric car

    Do you drive an electric car, or would you like to drive an electric car? Would you like to have a charging station in your neighbourhood? Request a charging point from the municipality.

  • Report a broken parking meter

    Have you come across a broken parking meter? Report it to the municipality. It will be repaired as quickly as possible.

  • Report a sunken or uneven pavement

    Have you spotted a sunken sidewalk or a cracked or damaged pavement? Report it to the municipality. The municipality will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Other complaints about traffic and transportation

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