Report a problem in a public area

  • Report an abandoned bicycle

    You can report an abandoned bicycle to the municipality. It will ensure that the bicycle is cleared away.

  • Report a sunken or uneven pavement

    Have you spotted a sunken sidewalk or a cracked or damaged pavement? Report it to the municipality. The municipality will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Report dog poop

    Do you see dog poop on the street or sidewalk? You can report this using the ‘Melding Openbare Ruimte’ (complaints) form.

  • Report an event

    If you want to organise an event which has a minor impact on the public space, such as a neighbourhood party on a square, in a park or on the street, it is enough to report it.

  • Register a street performance

    Do you want to perform as a street artist? For example, as a musician, acrobat, artist or portrait artist? Visit the nearest police station.

  • Request a Stolperstein

    Would you like to have a Stolperstein placed in the public space? If so, request this at the municipality. You can do this by completing an online form.

  • Lost and found items

    Have you found something? Or are you missing something? Read what you can do.

  • Announce a demonstration

    Would you like to hold a demonstration or protest in The Hague? You will need to announce this to the mayor.

Other complaints about public areas

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Also see

  • Nuisance Penalty

    Municipal wardens check for violations in the public space, such as dog poop and improperly disposed of household rubbish and company waste.