Report a housing issue

  • Report domestic nuisance

    Are you experiencing serious problems with your neighbours or other people in your living environment? Report this to the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre.

  • Report illegal housing or use of a building

    Do you think that a property or building is being used for illegal housing or for activities which are not allowed there? Make a report of illegal housing or use of a building.

  • Report pests and vermin

    Are you bothered by pests and vermin such as rats, wasps or oak processionary caterpillars in the outdoor space? Read whether you can report this to the municipality.

  • Report overdue maintenance on rental property

    Is your rental home or a home in your street badly in need of maintenance? And is the owner not making the repairs? Report this to the municipality.

  • Report nuisance caused by a company

    Are you bothered by noise or other nuisance caused by a company? Report it to the municipality. Your report will be forwarded to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden (ODH).

  • Request a house number

    A house number is needed for mail delivery and for emergency services to be able to reach you. Do you not have your own house number? Request one from the municipality.

  • Statutory repair notice, request information

    The municipality can force a property owner to make improvements and repairs on his property within a specified time.

  • Report welfare fraud

    Do you think that somebody is wrongly receiving welfare benefits? Report this to the municipality. You do not have to provide your own name.

  • Request a Stolperstein

    Would you like to have a Stolperstein placed in the public space? If so, request this at the municipality. You can do this by completing an online form.

Other complaints about housing

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