Report a housing issue

  • Report domestic nuisance

    Are you bothered by noisy neighbours or other people in your neighbourhood? Or is the home overcrowded or being sublet unlawfully? See what you can do.

  • Report pests and rodents

    Are you having a problem with pests and rodents? Such as rats, wasps or oak processionary caterpillars. Check if the municipality can help you.

  • Report overdue maintenance on rental home

    Homes must meet certain requirements in order to be considered liveable. Is your home or a home in your street badly in need of maintenance and has the owner not made the repairs (on time)? Report this to the municipality.

  • Report nuisance caused by a company

    Are you bothered by noise or other nuisance caused by a company? Report it to the municipality. Your report will be forwarded to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden (ODH).

  • Request a house number

    A house number is needed for mail delivery and for emergency services to be able to reach you. Do you not have your own house number? Request one from the municipality.

  • Statutory repair notice, request information

    The municipality can force a property owner to make improvements and repairs on his property within a specified time.

  • Report welfare fraud

    Do you think that somebody is wrongly receiving welfare benefits? Report this to the municipality. You do not have to provide your own name.

  • Request a Stolperstein

    Would you like to have a Stolperstein placed in the public space? If so, request this at the municipality. You can do this by completing an online form.