Make a complaint about a public area

Do you see a problem in a public area (street, park, sports field or water)? You can report this problem to the municipality.

Report a problem in the public space to ensure that the city stays clean, organised and tidy. Examples of problems include:

Make a complaint

Go to the overview of all of the different types of problems you can report to the municipality.

See overview and report a problem

Needed to make the report

  • your name, email address and telephone number (for certain types of problems)
  • your address (for certain types of problems)
  • the exact location of the problem
Belangrijke informatie:

You do not know the exact address? Click on the correct location on the map in the online form. The form will automatically select the closest address.

All the information you provide will be treated with confidentiality. The municipality uses personal details and address information only for the purpose you provided them for.

How long does it take?

For many types of issues, the municipality will address the problem within 3 working days. Sometimes this can take longer. It depends on the type of problem. Weather conditions can make it take longer before the municipality can solve the problem. For example, extreme cold, snow or storms. The municipality often carries out regular maintenance work in set rotations and on fixed dates.

Urgent issue

Would you like to report a dangerous situation? For example:

  • a large pothole in a road
  • oil spillage on the road
  • chemical waste in the public domain, such as drugs or medicines
  • an unsafe tree or fallen street sign
  • traffic lights not working at a busy intersection
  • street lights not working in the whole street
  • control unit of street lamp open or gone
  • a broken or loose cord
  • a blocked sewer

To report an urgent issue call the municipality on tel. 14070. Are you calling after office hours? Listen to the recording and select the option in the menu which best describes the problem. You will then be connected to a call agent. Option 1: broken traffic lights and street lighting, option 2: other urgent issues.

Published: 20 December 2021Modified: 23 August 2022