• Paying your taxes

    Payment methods, payment scheme, paying in instalments with direct debit, taxes paid too late.

  • Exemption from municipal taxes

    Applying for a tax waiver, how personal capital and assets are determined.

  • Taxes and charges

    Overview of all types of taxes, charges and rules.

  • Contest, appeal and get refund for taxes

    Contest your assessment, file an appeal, apply for exemptions, request a refund for building permit fees.

  • Property value

    The property value (WOZ-waarde) is the amount that your residential property or business premises could fetch on 1 January of the previous year. The value is used to calculate how much you have to pay in property tax (OZB).

  • Local taxes

    The municipality sends out the assessment for municipal taxes (aanslagbiljet gemeentelijke belastingen) each year in February. It states which taxes you have to pay if you are the owner or user of a residential property or business premises.

  • Contact Municipal Tax Department

    Do you have a question for the Municipal Tax Department? You can call, write or make an appointment.

  • Arrange your municipal affairs in MijnDenHaag

    You can arrange your affairs with the municipality online and change your details instantly in MijnDenHaag.