• Property tax

    The Municipal Tax Department levies property tax (onroerendezaakbelasting, OZB) on all real estate in The Hague. This includes residential property and business premises.

  • Waste tax

    Every household in The Hague pays the waste tax. This tax covers the collection and processing of household waste.

  • Dog tax

    Do you have a dog? Then you must pay dog tax. The tax is higher if you have more dogs. It makes no difference if the dog is big or small.

  • Sufferance tax

    You must pay sufferance tax if you have an object below municipal ground.

  • Tourist tax

    You have to pay the tourist tax if you charge non-residents of the Municipality of The Hague for an overnight stay.

  • Sewage charges for owners

    All owners of a (movable) property (such as a home or business premises) with a connection to the municipal sewage system must pay the sewage charges for owners.

  • Sewage charges for users

    Do you discharge more than 500 cubic metres (m3) of wastewater per year into the municipal sewage system? Then you must pay sewage costs for users.

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  • Arranging your tax affairs

    Payment options, contesting taxes, tax penalties, tax waiver.

  • Contesting municipal taxes

    If you do not agree with your municipal tax assessment or with the appraised property value (WOZ-waarde) of your premises, you can contest the assessment.

  • Property taxes

    Municipal taxes for private residences and places of business, WOZ, taxation, property appraisal.

  • Municipal Tax Department

    Do you have a question about the Municipal Tax Department? You can arrange many of your affairs online.