Sewage charges for users

Most houses and buildings are connected to the main municipal sewage system. Do you discharge more than 500 cubic metres (m3) of wastewater per year into the municipal sewage system? Then you must pay sewage costs for users.

If you are also the owner of a (movable) property (such as a home or business premises) with a connection to the municipal sewage system, you must pay the Begin link: sewage charges for owners, end link. .

The municipality uses the sewage charges for users to ensure that the sewage system works and is well maintained.

Who Charge Amount 2024
User per 500 cubic metres of wastewater (first 500 m3 is free) € 252.75

There is 1 payment period for the sewage charges for users. The amount must be paid in full within 6 weeks. You can Begin link: pay with iDEAL or via bank transfer, end link. . It is not possible to pay the sewage charges for users by direct debit.

If you are unable to pay the sewage charges for users within the set period, you can Begin link: apply for a tax payment scheme, end link. .

Do you disagree with the amount of sewage charges which you must pay? Then you can Begin link: contest the assessment, end link. .


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