Apply for a tax refund

Has something occurred during the year which has led you to pay too much in taxes? In certain cases you have the right to a refund. It depends on the type of tax and the conditions.

If the taxable item (the basis for the assessment) has changed during the year, you can apply for a refund for certain types of taxes. You will then be liable to pay less tax. You can apply for a refund for:

  • waste tax
  • sufferance tax (mooring fee)
  • dog tax

Conditions for refund

You cannot apply for a refund for other taxes. You will find the conditions for getting a refund on these pages:


If you did not get a refund and you do not agree with the tax assessment, you can contest your tax assessment. Go to the page: Begin link: Municipal taxes: contesting your assessment, end link. .


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