Waste tax

Every household in The Hague pays the waste tax (afvalstoffenheffing). This tax is for collecting and processing household waste.

Companies do not pay the waste tax. They arrange the Begin link: removal of their company waste, end link. themselves.

The user of a property pays the waste tax.

Caluculating the amount

The municipality determines how much waste tax you have to pay. To do this it looks in the Personal Records Database (BRP) to see how many people are registered at your address. It uses the number of people in your household on 1 January.

There are fixed rates for the waste tax. The amount you pay depends on the size of your household. It does not matter whether you throw away a lot of rubbish or only a little.

Assessment notice

The waste tax is stated on the Begin link: assessment notice for municipal taxes, end link. . This assessment is for the entire year. Did you move to your property later in the year? Then you will get an assessment for the month you moved to the property until December of that year.

Rates for waste tax

Household Amount 2024
1 person € 390.12
2 people € 438.48
3 or more people € 479.76

Make an objection

Do you disagree with the waste tax? Then you can Begin link: contest the assessment, end link. .

Your situation changes

You are moving

Are you moving within the municipality? Begin link: Report your move, end link. . You will get an assessment for the waste tax for your new address.

Are you moving to another municipality? Or are you going to live with somebody else? Then you can get a tax refund. You will then only pay for the months you were living in your home.

Other changes

The amount of waste tax owed will remain the same if:

  • somebody moves in with you during the year
  • somebody leaves your household
  • somebody in your household dies

The municipality will not process these changes in the waste tax until the following year.

Apply for a refund

Are you no longer using the property?

Ask for a reimbursement for the waste tax for the rest of the year. This is called ontheffing (tax refund). You then only have to pay for the months you were registered at the address.

You can get a refund if:

  • everybody from the same household moves
  • the sole occupant dies

There are 2 ways to apply for a refund:

Complete the online form. You need DigiD and your assessment notice.

Send your letter to:

Directeur gemeentebelastingen
Postbus 19924
2500 CX Den Haag

Your letter should state:

  • your name
  • your address
  • the date
  • the reference number of the assessment and the type of tax
  • why you are applying for a refund
  • the date when your situation changed
  • your signature

Are you filing a request for someone else? Send an authorisation (machtiging). This is a letter which states that this person is giving you permission to apply.

You will receive an answer within 8 weeks.

When you apply for a tax waiver, you will get a temporary suspension of payment. The suspension of payment is only for (the part of) the assessment for which you are requesting a waiver. You still need to pay the part of the assessment for which you did not request a waiver. Otherwise you could get a warning.

Pay on time

Make sure that you pay on time or that you arrange a payment scheme. Otherwise you will get a Begin link: warning, end link. . This is a letter from the municipality requesting that you still pay the tax.

You must pay the waste tax under the Waste tax directive for The Hague. Look at it on Begin external link: overheid.nl(External link), end external link. (in Dutch).

Do you have any questions? Contact the Begin link: Municipal Tax Department, end link. .


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