Municipal tax assessment

The municipality sends out the assessment for municipal taxes (aanslagbiljet gemeentelijke belastingen) each year in February. It states which taxes you have to pay if you are the owner or user of a residential property or business premises.

Watch the informational video (in Dutch). You will then learn what you need to do if you are not able to pay (right away). Or if you do not agree with the property value or 1 of your charges.

Who is it for?

The person who is the owner or user of a residential property or business premises in The Hague on 1 January will receive the assessment for municipal taxes.

How does it work?

The municipality aims to put the yearly municipal tax charges on 1 assessment notice. Tenants of a residential property only have to pay the waste tax. Depending on your situation the assessment could include the following charges:

The property value (WOZ-waarde) can also be found on the assessment notice. Your assessment notice is therefore also your property value assessment.

Sending out the bill

The municipality sends out the assessment for municipal taxes in February. Sometimes not all of the required information is available for the assessment. In that case you will receive the assessment later. Have you not yet received any assessment for municipal taxes and do you think you should have gotten one? Then you can contact the Municipal Tax Department.

Paying your taxes

You must pay the tax within 6 weeks after the date on the municipal tax assessment. You must pay the amount in full before the due date (deadline) on the assessment notice. You can also choose to pay in 12 instalments with direct debit. Read more about other ways of paying.

Do you have a low income and no assets? Apply for a tax waiver for your municipal taxes.

Contest the assessment

Do you think that the municipality made a mistake? Then you can contest your assessment within 6 weeks.

Advantages of digital assessment

More than 40,000 residents of The Hague have opted to only receive the assessment for municipal taxes digitally. Here you can see the advantages:

  • easy to find it again
  • guaranteed delivery and on time
  • you help save paper.

Would you also like this? Opt for paperless post on the Berichtenbox page in MijnDenHaag. You can also look at your municipal tax bills from previous years in MijnDenHaag.


Go to Berichtenbox page in MijnDenHaag

Good to know

Property tax refund for sports clubs

Sports clubs can get back the property tax (OZB) from the municipality if they meet a number of conditions. Look for more information (in Dutch) under property tax refund for sports clubs. The compensation measure for start-up companies has ended. As of 1 January 2023 you will not be able to request the property tax refund for start-ups.


Do you have questions about the assessment for municipal taxes? Contact the Municipal Tax Department.


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