Property value and appraisal report

The municipality establishes the property value (WOZ-waarde) for your residential property or business premises every year. This property value is used as the basis for various taxes. The value is stated on the assessment for municipal taxes which you get from the municipality each year.

The property value (WOZ-waarde) is the estimated amount that your residential property or business premises would get on a fixed date: the valuation reference date. For the 2024 tax year the valuation reference date is 1 January 2023. The municipality uses the property value to calculate the property tax (OZB). Other agencies which use the property value are:

  • the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst)
  • the water board
  • mortgage lenders
  • landlords

To determine the property value the municipality looks at:

  • the selling prices around the valuation reference date
  • the rental prices (for commercial properties)
  • the characteristics of your residential property or business property. Such as:

    • location
    • surface area
    • state of repair (condition), as far as known to the municipality

To calculate the property value correctly, the municipality does market research. This is called permanent market analysis.

The municipality draws up an accounting document every year. You can read how the municipality calculated the property values for 2024 (valuation reference date of 1 January 2023).

Accounting document WOZ 2024 (in Dutch)

(PDF, 645.1 KB)

Outbuildings WOZ 2024 (in Dutch)

(PDF, 100.7 KB)

Ground value WOZ 2024 (in Dutch)

(PDF, 69.9 KB)

The appraisal report shows how the property value was determined. For example, the year of construction, the surface area and the type of property. The report also contains the selling prices and the property values for at least 3 other properties. This is how the municipality compares your property to other homes on the market which were sold around the valuation reference date. The properties do not need to be exactly the same. The municipality takes the differences in account in the appraisal.

Look online

You can see the property value and the appraisal report in MijnDenHaag if:

  • the property value assessment is in your name or you are the co-owner

  • you have DigiD or eHerkenning (with an assurance level of 3 or higher) to log in to MijnDenHaag.

Request by email

Are you unable to look at your property value and appraisal report online? Send an email to Begin link:, end link. . Include:

  • your name
  • the assessment number
  • the building(s) for which you would like to get the property value

You will receive the appraisal report within 2 weeks.

You are not allowed to file an objection by email. Read more about how to Begin link: contest the property value, end link. .

Rental price check

Are you paying the maximum rental price for independent housing? The rental price could decrease if the living space has a lower property value. Get an estimate via the Begin external link: Rent Check(External link), end external link. (Huurcommissie). 

This is stipulated by law. The date the municipality uses to determine the property value (value reference date) must be a year earlier than the tax year. This way the municipality has enough time to collect all of the sales data and calculate the new property value.

The municipality usually sends you the property value in February. Sometimes the municipality does not yet have all of the necessary information. In that case you will get the property value later. You can see in Begin link: MijnDenHaag, end link.  if the property value has already been sent. You have not received the property value by 1 June and you think you should have gotten it? Or do you have a question about the property value? Then you can contact the Begin link: Municipal Tax Department, end link. .

The municipality is not always able to make 1 assessment notice for all of your properties. You will receive more than 1 notice. For example, if the information is not sufficient to determine a good property value.

Tenants pay only the Begin link: waste tax, end link. . You do not have to pay any property tax.

Are you paying the maximum rental price for independent housing? The rental price could decrease if the living space has a lower property value. Check if you are paying the maximum rent for self-contained accommodation via the Begin external link: Rent Check(External link), end external link. (Huurcommissie).  


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