Arrange your personal affairs in MijnDenHaag

MijnDenHaag is your personal online page at the municipality. You can use a computer to change your details here. You can also, for example, pay your bills and check when your application is ready.

What are the advantages?

  • You arrange your affairs in your own secure environment with DigiD.
  • Companies can do business safely with eHerkenning.
  • You can arrange your affairs on a computer 24/7.
  • You no longer need to visit a municipal office in person.

What can you arrange via MijnDenHaag?

  • View your data in the Personal Records Database (BRP), such as:

    • your personal data and address details
    • the number of people who are registered at your address
  • Request an address investigation: the municipality will check whether somebody is living at the address which is in the BRP.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at your data in the BRP(External link) .

  • Look at your resident and visitor parking permits.
  • Pay your parking tickets.
  • Purchase extra parking credit.
  • Look at your PIN code and registration number. You can also change the PIN code.
  • Change the number plate on your parking permit temporarily or permanently.
  • Pay your parking permit automatically with direct debit.
  • Change the bank account number for paying your parking permit.
  • Register and deregister visitor parking.
  • Extend your parking permit.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at everything on parking(External link) .

  • Look at all of your applications, objections and changes you have made in MijnDenHaag in 1 handy overview.
  • Check the status of your procedure.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at the overview in Mijn Zaken(External link) .

  • Are you making use of budgeting assistance?

    • Look at the overview of your balance, debits, credits, bookings and budget tasks.
    • Download your daily statements and send them to yourself by email.
  • Have you registered for debt counselling? Check your application.
  • Has your application been approved by all creditors? Look at the overview of your debts and payments. You can do this as long as the scheme is in effect.
  • Do you have a loan from the Gemeentelijke Kredietbank (GKB)? Check your loan and look at your balance.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and go to MijnGeldzaken(External link) (in Dutch).

Are you unable to pay the municipal taxes on time? Arrange a payment scheme with the Municipal Tax Department using the page Apply for a tax payment scheme.

  • Provide or change your email address or telephone number.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and go to your contact information(External link) .

  • Look at your tax information.
  • Look at and pay your tax assessments from the municipality.
  • Contest your assessment for municipal taxes.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at everything on municipal taxes(External link) .

  • Access your personal data.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and make a GDPR request(External link) (in Dutch). Read the Data Protection Declaration .

Would you prefer that companies are not able to access your personal data in the Personal Records Database (BRP)? Then you can request to keep your data confidential.

  • Look at your ground lease details and the overview of payments.
  • Pay the ground lease invoices or arrange automatic payment.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at everything on ground lease(External link) .

  • Check when your application is ready and look at your overview.
  • Upload extra documents.
  • Look at your old applications (as of 2010).

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at your all-in-one permits in the overview in Mijn Zaken(External link) .

  • Look at the estimated value (property value) for your residential property or business premises.
  • Look at the appraisal report.

Log in to MijnDenHaag and look at property value and appraisal report(External link) .

You will only see your own details in MijnDenHaag. You will not see your partner or housemate’s information.

How does MijnDenHaag work?

For a brief explanation look at the video (in Dutch) on the municipality’s YouTube channel. Watch the video ‘Welkom op MijnDenHaag’(External link).


The Berichtenbox is your personal online letterbox for government correspondence. When you register, you will automatically receive messages from the municipality in your inbox. You can register in MijnDenHaag for the Berichtenbox for MijnOverheid(External link) .


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