Waste removal for companies

Businesses need to arrange for the collection of their waste. The municipality does not collect any company waste, but it does check whether this is being done by the rules and it will give fines if necessary. Read what you need to keep in mind.

Waste removal contract

In The Hague there is a registration requirement for company waste. You meet this requirement if you can produce an acknowledgement of receipt or an invoice for your company waste. Or if you sign a contract with a certified waste removal service. The contract should contain the following arrangements:

  • The days and time your company waste will be collected.
  • Which waste you will dispose of separately, for example glass and paper.
  • The sort of waste you will have collected.
  • How much waste you will have collected each time or period.

Disposal of company waste

Here are the rules for disposing of company waste.

  • Place your company waste in well-sealed waste containers.
  • Set your container out on the street at the time you agreed with your waste removal service. Your container has to be emptied right away. Once the waste container has been emptied, return it immediately to your premises or inside your building. Did the waste removal service not collect your waste at the agreed time? Then you need to remove the container(s) from the street again.
  • Is there litter lying on the street after your container has been emptied? You have to clear this away and leave the street clean. You are responsible for rubbish from your containers on the section of the road in front of your business and also within a radius of 25 metres around your business. Check your area as well.
  • (Underground) containers for household waste in the city are only for household waste. Businesses are not allowed to use these for their company waste.

Different rules and collection times

Some areas have different rules and collection times. You can see them in the table below.

Area Different rules or collection time
Centrum: within the ‘ring of canals’ On the agreed day between 7.00 and 10.oo hrs.
Scheveningen: on the Strandweg and around the Gevers Deynootplein On the agreed day between 6.00 and 9.00 hrs.
Kijkduin beach: between the Noorderhavenhoofd and the municipal border with Westland You are allowed to dispose of your company waste at the agreed time within a distance of 5 metres from your business. There are rules for the transport route. Read article 11.8 of the Begin external link: Regeling uitvoering Afvalstoffenverordening 2010 Den Haag 2018(External link), end external link..

Look at all the rules and the exact areas in the Begin external link: Regeling uitvoering Afvalstoffenverordening 2010 Den Haag 2018(External link), end external link. and the Begin external link: Afvalstoffenverordening 2010(External link), end external link. (in Dutch).


  • You can get a fine of at least € 95 if you do not dispose of your company waste by the rules.
  • Are you unable to show a waste removal contract when you are checked? And do you not have an acknowledgement of receipt that your rubbish was collected by a certified waste removal company? Then you can get a penalty (fine) of € 1,000 per violation.
  • When litter on the street is clearly from your company, you can get a fine.


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