Moving and immigration

Reporting your move

  • Report your move

    Are you going to move within The Hague or to The Hague? Report your change of address online to the municipality.

  • Report your move abroad (deregistration)

    Will you be leaving the Netherlands? Report this to the municipality. Your personal details will be updated in the BRP.

  • Moving to The Hague from abroad

    Registration procedures for people moving to The Hague from abroad, privileged persons, highly-skilled migrants, asylum seekers. Resettling in the Netherlands.

  • Request a DigiD for Dutch citizens abroad

    Are you a Dutch citizen living abroad and did you deregister from a Dutch municipality? Read how you can request a DigiD.

  • Registration procedures for non-residents of the Netherlands

    Are you staying in the Netherlands for less than 4 months? For example to work or to study? Then you can apply for a citizen service number (BSN). You get the BSN when you register as a non-resident of the Netherlands in the Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen (RNI).

  • Alternative address

    Everyone residing in the Netherlands has to be registered as a tenant/resident at the address where he spends their nights. The municipality will register you at the address where you reside. No home address? You can specify an alternative address.

  • Address investigation

    Is somebody registered at your address who does not reside there? Or is someone using your address and are you not able to reach this person? Then you can ask the municipality to conduct an address investigation.

  • Proof of occupancy

    When reporting a move you will need to submit a proof of occupancy.

Settling in The Hague

  • Welcome to The Hague

    Welcome to the Netherlands and welcome to The Hague. Information to get you started so that you can quickly feel at home here.

  • Relocation and settling

    Links and resources for expats, Personal Records Database, citizen service number (BSN), DigiD

  • Work

    Job vacancies, finding work, volunteer work, Public Employment Service.

  • Housing

    Finding a house, renting out a room, report domestic nuisance, rental advice, drinking water.

  • Proof of sponsorship

    To obtain a short-stay visa for the Netherlands, foreign visitors to the country sometimes need a letter of invitation.