Moving and immigration

Reporting your move

  • Moving to The Hague from abroad

    Registration procedures for people moving to The Hague from abroad, privileged persons, highly-skilled migrants, asylum seekers.

  • Report your move

    Are you going to move to another address? Report your change of address to the municipality. You can report your move online.

  • Proof of occupancy

    When reporting a move you will need to submit a Proof of occupancy. This way the municipality will know that someone has been registered at the correct address.

  • Report your move abroad (deregistration)

    Will you be leaving the Netherlands? You may not report this move any earlier than 5 days before your date of departure. The municipality will then update your details accordingly.

  • Registration procedures for non-residents of the Netherlands

    If you are coming to the Netherlands to work or to study for less than 4 months, you will need a citizen service number (BSN).

  • Alternative address

    Everyone residing in the Netherlands has to be registered as a tenant/resident at the address where he spends their nights. The municipality will register you at the address where you reside. No home address? You can specify an alternative address.

  • Request a DigiD for Dutch citizens abroad

    Are you a Dutch citizen, do you live abroad and did you deregister from a municipality in the Netherlands before moving abroad? Read how you can request a DigiD.

Settling in The Hague

  • Welcome to The Hague

    Welcome to the Netherlands and welcome to The Hague. Information to get you started so that you can quickly feel at home here.

  • Relocation and settling

    Links and resources for expats, Personal Records Database, citizen service number (BSN), DigiD

  • Work

    Job vacancies, finding work, volunteer work, Public Employment Service.

  • Housing

    Finding a house, renting out a room, report domestic nuisance, rental advice, drinking water.

  • Proof of sponsorship

    To obtain a short-stay visa for the Netherlands, foreign visitors to the country sometimes need a letter of invitation.