Moving and immigration

Reporting your move

  • Report your move

    Are you going to move within The Hague or to The Hague? Report your change of address to the municipality online.

  • Report your move abroad (deregistration)

    Are you going to leave the Netherlands? Deregister from the Municipality of The Hague. The municipality will change your details accordingly.

  • Moving to The Hague from abroad

    Are you moving to the Netherlands from abroad? Then you are required to register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). The procedure you will follow depends on your nationality, the duration and purpose of your stay, and whether you have previously been registered.

  • Change address or personal data in Non-residents Records Database (RNI)

    Are you registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)? You can change your data in the RNI.

  • Register in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI)

    Do you live abroad? Or are you staying in the Netherlands for less than 4 months? Then you can apply for a citizen service number (BSN).

  • Apply for a DigiD for Dutch and EEA citizens living abroad

    Do you live outside of the Netherlands? And do you have Dutch citizenship (nationality) or the citizenship of another country in the European Economic Area (EEA)? Read how you can apply for a DigiD.

  • Request a mailing address

    The municipality needs to register you at the address where you usually spend the night. Do you temporarily have no home address and would you still like to be able to receive post? Then you can apply at the municipality for a mailing address.

  • Request address investigation

    Is somebody registered at your address who is not living there? Or is someone using your address and are you not able to reach this person? Ask for an address investigation.

  • Proof of occupancy

    When reporting a move you will need to submit a proof of occupancy.

  • Deregister from the municipality

    If you are moving, report your move to the new municipality where you will be living. Will you be moving abroad? Then you deregister from the municipality. See which situation applies to you.

  • Register foreign documents in the BRP

    If your vital events took place abroad, you are required to register these in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of your municipality.

Settling in The Hague

  • Relocation and settling

    Personal Records Database, citizen service number (BSN), DigiD

  • Work

    Language requirement for benefits, Public Employment Service, volunteer work.

  • Housing

    Rental advice, Housing Inspection Bureau, ground lease, report domestic nuisance, renting out a room.