Register foreign documents in the BRP

If your vital events took place abroad, you are required to have them registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of your municipality. Life events are, for example, a birth, marriage, death, divorce, acknowledgement of paternity or adoption. The documents about these life events are also called source documents.

Everyone who:

  • is registered in the BRP of the Municipality of The Hague and
  • had vital events take place abroad, which are not yet registered in the BRP

  • You must have the documents registered in the BRP of your place of residence.
  • The vital detail must be ‘legally valid’ in the country where it took place. This means that the document must be drawn up according to local regulations and by a competent authority.

If you would like to register a foreign document, you will need the following:

  • A Begin link: valid form of identification, end link. .
  • An original foreign document.
  • Would you like to register a foreign marriage certificate? Then you may need an extra declaration. If this applies to your situation, both partners need to sign this declaration. You will get this declaration at the municipal counter.
  • Would you like to register a divorce and did this take place in an EU country (with the exception of Denmark)? Then you will also need a ‘Brussels II bis Certificate’. This document is usually available from the authority which pronounced the divorce. A legalised divorce document or a divorce document with apostille is then no longer required.
  • Are you submitting the documents on behalf of someone else? Bring a written authorisation and (a copy of) a valid form of identification for the person who authorised you. The person for whom you are submitting the documents can at any time be asked to visit the municipal counter in person.

A foreign document is not automatically legally valid in the Netherlands. Check whether your documents need to be legalised or have an apostille. You can find more information on the Begin external link: website of the Dutch government(External link), end external link..

Documents drawn up by the issuing authority in French, German or English will be accepted in most cases. In case of doubt the municipality can request a Dutch translation. Check which rules apply under Begin link: Translating foreign documents, end link. .

  • Make an appointment online to register your documents in the Personal Records Database (BRP).
  • Bring your documents to the Department of Public Service counter where you have the appointment.


The time required for the registration differs per case. It can take between 8 to 12 weeks. If further investigation is needed, it can take longer.

Information on what you need to do in the event of a death abroad can be found on the Begin external link: website of the Dutch government(External link), end external link..


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