Change address or personal data in Non-residents Records Database (RNI)

Do you live outside the Netherlands? Or are you moving to the Netherlands for no more than 4 months? And do you already have a citizen service number (BSN)? Then you are registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). You can change your data in the RNI.

The Dutch government needs your information to be able to stay in contact with you. The RNI only contains information about you. Such as your name, your date and place of birth and your current address outside the Netherlands.

Read which personal data you can change under ‘Begin link: Good to know, end link. ’.

You are registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI).

Change your address

You can change your address in the RNI via the online form. This way the government agencies which use the RNI can reach you if they need to. You need DigiD to use this form.

Change your personal data

To change your personal data you need to visit 1 of the Begin external link: 19 participating RNI municipalities in the Netherlands(External link), end external link.. The Hague is 1 of these RNI municipalities.

Take the original documents needed to change your personal data. Sometimes your certificate or document needs to be legalised and/or translated. You can look up country specific information on the Begin external link: website of the Government of the Netherlands(External link), end external link.. Choose the country which issued your document.


The RNI official will process your change of address within 20 working days.

Your personal data will be changed right away at the RNI desk.

  • The RNI contains the information needed by the Dutch government to carry out its duties.
  • The RNI registers only your own personal data.

What can you change?

  • your place or country of birth
  • your citizenship (nationality)
  • your first name
  • your surname
  • your gender
  • your surname. This is how you want government agencies to address you. You can only indicate that you would like to go back to using your own (birth) name.
You cannot change information about your marriage, divorce or children. This information is not kept in the RNI.


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