Apply for a DigiD if you live abroad

Do you live outside of the Netherlands? Then you can apply for a DigiD. Did you already have a DigiD before you moved abroad? Then you can continue to use it as usual. Read how to apply for a DigiD.

Do you want to arrange your personal affairs using DigiD as of 21 December 2023?

You will only be able to log in with the DigiD app or with an SMS verification. Download the DigiD app or activate SMS verification in My DigiD.

  • You live abroad.
  • You have a valid passport or a valid identity card. (You cannot use a driving licence.)
  • You have a citizen service number (Burgerservicenummer/BSN).
  • You are registered in the Non-residents Records Database of the Netherlands (RNI).
  • You have a mobile telephone on which you can receive SMS messages from the Netherlands while you are abroad.
  • You have an email address.

You do not know if you have a citizen service number (BSN)?

  • Do you have to pay taxes in the Netherlands? Or did you move abroad after 1 October 1994? Then you are registered in the RNI and yo automatically have a citizen service number. 
  • You do not have to pay taxes in the Netherlands? Did you move abroad before 1 October 1994? Or you have never lived in the Netherlands? Check at the service desk whether you are Begin link: registered in the RNI, end link. .

You can apply for your DigiD in 2 ways:

  1. at a service desk
  2. via a video call
Will you (soon) receive a Dutch state pension (AOW)? Apply for your DigiD through the Begin external link: Social Insurance Bank (SVB)(External link), end external link..

Needed at the appointment

  • your service desk code (After filling in the application form, you will receive a service desk code by SMS and by email.)
  • your valid passport or identity card (the identity document you used in your application)
  • your citizen service number (BSN)
  • the mobile telephone number you provided during the application. You will receive the activation code on this telephone during the appointment. 

You can also receive your DigiD activation code during a video call. This way you do not have to visit a service desk in the Netherlands. The video call is only for people who are abroad.

Would you like to collect your activation code through a video call? Make an appointment on the website Begin external link: link), end external link. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Did you already have a DigiD because you applied for it when you were living in the Netherlands? Then you can still use it.

  • You no longer know your user name and password? Apply for a new DigiD at a service desk.
  • You have not used your DigiD for 3 years or longer? Then your DigiD has expired and you have to apply for a new DigiD at a service desk.

For more information, go to the Begin external link: website of DigiD(External link), end external link.. If you cannot find an answer to your question, contact the DigiD help desk.


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