1st BRP registration for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens coming from abroad (you do not have a BSN)

Do you have the citizenship (nationality) of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland? Are you coming from abroad to live in The Hague for 4 months or longer? And you have never previously lived in the Netherlands? Then you need to register with the municipality in the Personal Records Database (BRP). This is required by law.

Have you previously lived in the Netherlands? Do you already have a citizen service number (BSN)? Or will you be staying for less than 4 months? Go to Begin link: Register again in the BRP, end link. .

Do you want to backdate your registration? This can be done on the date you made the appointment. Even if the appointment is later.

You then have:

  • made an appointment for a 1st registration or to register again (resettling)
  • made the appointment after you came to live in the Netherlands
  • a copy of the appointment confirmation with you (you will receive this by email. Print it or show it on your telephone, tablet or laptop. Please note! It must be clear to see when you made the appointment)

If you were born, married or divorced abroad, also take the following documents to the appointment:

  • Your birth certificate
  • If applicable: the birth certificates of your partner and/or your children
  • If applicable: your marriage certificate or certificate of civil partnership
  • If applicable: divorce papers
  • If applicable: adoption papers and/or a death certificate for your partner or child(ren)

These documents are not required for registration. Nevertheless take them with you to your appointment. The municipality will review these documents. If they are in order, the information will be registered in the BRP.

Sometimes your certificate or document needs to be legalised and/or translated. You can look up country specific information on the Begin external link: website of the Government of the Netherlands(External link), end external link.. Choose the country which issued your document. 


By telephone

Would you like an appointment for you and your family? Call the municipality on tel. 14070 to make an appointment. From abroad you can call tel. +31 70 353 30 00 to make an appointment.

Bring your documents to the Department of Public Service counter at the Begin link: Segbroek district office, end link. .

Make sure that you are on time for your appointment. If you arrive too late, there may be no time to help you.

If you:

you need to make an appointment at Begin external link: The Hague International Centre(External link), end external link..


Your registration will usually be processed in the BRP within 4 weeks. You will receive a confirmation of your registration with an overview of your registered information and your citizen service number (BSN) by post.


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